Bill Draper


Today Bill designs custom furniture, architectural interiors, and cabinetry, with specialties in art and sculptural furnishings, contemporary design, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Colonial reproduction, traditional European, and many other styles.

But back at the beginning…

In 1981, Bill’s fledgling company was born deep in the creative heartlands of Bucks County, Pa. 

While experimenting with finishes in his basement furniture shop, cabinet maker Bill Draper invented a way to make a paint finish look old, by layering and chipping coats of paint. 

With Bill at the forefront, the desire for antique furniture reproductions swept the industry that year.  To expand his offerings to whole custom kitchens, Bill partnered with local kitchen designer Bob Schultz, and Bob’s showroom, Living Quarters. 

Christened “DBS Cabinetry” by co-founders Bill and Bob, business boomed with kitchen designs in distressed Pine and chipped paint. 

As orders piled up for kitchen designs, baths, libraries, and bars, DBS Cabinetry’s distribution network grew throughout the United States in the 80s and 90s, with Living Quarters the noteworthy design showroom in Bucks County. 

In 1998, DBS Cabinetry officially became DRAPER-DBS, the brand known throughout the industry to be synonymous with custom cabinet craftsmanship of the highest quality. 

In 2004, Bill and Bob adapted their businesses again, with Bill taking on Bob’s post at the helm of Living Quarters.  Bill renamed the showroom William Draper Cabinetmaker.  Free to dedicate his talents fully to design, Bob assumed the title of award-winning lead designer of the showroom.

William Draper Cabinetmaker proudly offers DRAPER-DBS as its highest end custom cabinet brand.  The roots of Bill’s business remain firmly planted in the region’s creative heartlands, fine craftsmanship, and the highest standards of quality, courtesy, and service.